3 Jaw Dropping Eyelash Trends for 2019

It is no secret we love lashes! Nobody is hiding that, we just adore them! We are also desperate to know what’s going to be on trend this year. If you are too, keep reading, because we are going to dive in into the top 3 jaw dropping lash trends we have seen for this year, and the ones we predict that you’ll be gravitating towards in the coming months.

  1. Short, Dense Volume Lashes

In 2019, we'll be all about bringing the drama — WITHOUT the length. These thick, full sets are inspired by the top fashion houses' most dramatic makeup looks.  Last year, rich black liner and graphic editorial makeup ruled the runways. This year, it finds a new home as part of a regular daily look and inspires the short, yet full, lash trend! It is an easy and chic, everyday look that gets easily transformed into night look, by just adding a dark lipstick! And VOILA, you are nighttime ready!

Perfect for work, easy to work with!

  1. The Textured, Strip Lash Look

The spiky Kim K-inspired lashes have been going strong for a while; they have true staying power.

2019 is still about the big textured sets. We can give a bit of credit to Kim and her sisters, but strip lashes have been the desired look for years.

Easy to put on, even easier to take off, classy and sassy, those lashes will take your look to a whole other level, with minimal effort.

  1. Natural-Looking Lashes

The main eyelash trend of 2018 was a more natural, yet full, lash line. Also, we believe that the trend is going to ride into 2019 alongside the popularity of lash lifts. It's hard to beat the combination of the convenience of eyelash extensions and the minimalistic French approach to beauty.

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