When it comes to exfoliating your skin there are things you need to know, and 5 things you need to avoid. The knowing comes from, knowing your skin type, oily, dry, or in between. As well as, having a pretty good idea wether your skin is on the sensitive side or the neutral side. Both of these things are a must know before you start exfoliating. So, once you've got that; you can use these tips....

1. Don't Over Exfoliate

Over exfoliating can come from many things. For example, using an exfoliant cleanser with an exfoliating brush. This is major over exfoliation and can increase your chances of breaking out! Since breaking out is what we don't want, use facial cleaners that don't have scrub beads in them. Also, avoid using exfoliating rose waters/wipes before or after your facial brush. 

2. Follow Up

 Once you exfoliate it's important to fill your pores up   with nutritious creams, lotions, masks, and oils. This   adds moisture back into the skin that has been   stripped of moisture. Also, this is a great way to get   the good stuff into your pores before the dust gets in!   Worried about aging? After you exfoliate & your pores are open, your anti - aging creams can sink into your   skin 100x better.



3. Not An Everyday Thing 

Exfoliating is not an everyday thing. Depending on your skin type you can exfoliate more or less. Often times, oily skin is more sensitive. However, that doesn't mean you shouldn't be exfoliating. When I started exfoliating I was only doing it once a month and my skin freaked out! I broke out, but thats normal. When you remove the bad you skin doesn't know whats happening and it will react. Once you skin becomes accustomed to it you'll be able to exfoliate a few times a month and then it can even be as frequent as twice a week. But yes, it is a process! 

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