3 Easy Ways To Prevent Ingrown Hairs

Ingrown hairs are the hairs that have grown back into the skin. This often creates an inflamed red bump or dot that may itch or cause pain. An ingrown hair may also become infected, forming a wound that will resemble a pimple.

Ingrown hairs are known to be much more common in people with coarse or curly hair. But overall, they are very likely to occur when the hairs are very short, such as after waxing, shaving, or tweezing. Ingrown hairs also frequently occur in areas that experience a lot of friction.

Here are some tips and methods to help prevent ingrown hairs:



Exfoliation before shaving can help. Before you shave, scrub the legs with an exfoliating body wash or use a body brush to help remove dirt and unclog pores.

Exfoliation also gently scrapes away the dead skin cells that accumulate on top of the skin. The top layer of skin is made out of dead cells that can trap new hairs inside the follicles, causing them to grow inward.

Also, gentle exfoliation is great because sometimes it can be enough to pull ingrown hairs up and outside the skin. Once a hair is out, it can grow correctly or you can shave/tweeze/wax it.


Choosing the right razor is important

If you shave regularly and you often have ingrown hairs, that can mean that you are  using the wrong type of razor. A good razor should be sharp but not harsh, and it should glide gently across the skin. A good razor will not leave missed or half-shaven hairs behind itself. Dullness of the razor can cause friction, so replace razors regularly. If your razor does not glide smoothly, it can catch and pull hairs, and the result of that will be ingrown hairs.  


Shave in the direction of growth

All the hairs that are in the same are often tend to grow in the same direction. When you are shaving that area, shave it in the same direction as the direction of growth. If the hairs are shaved in the opposite direction, they can have very sharp tips. This makes it very easy for them to penetrate the skin and grow inward. That is how an ingrown hair is born.

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