Summer Skincare Tips for Dry Skin

You may think that dry skin shows up just in the frigid temperatures of winter that notoriously takes a heavy toll. Even though dry skin is not as common in the summer, dry skin types can still suffer from moisture deprivation in the warmer months. Between excessive exposure to the sun, and harsh chemicals (for example: chlorine pools), the season can wreak havoc on your skin. Keep reading to find tips to care for dry skin during the summer months. 


Moisturize Your Skin 

If your skin is dry, you should definitely reach for a moisturizer as often as possible, in order to nourish your skin and restore comfort. Use a daily moisturizer after cleansing or spending long hours in the sun to provide long-lasting hydration. As a result of more frequent moisturizing, your skin complexion will look fresher, more radiant and plump.


Avoid Spending Time in Air-Conditioning 

Heaters that are used in the winter to keep us warm are definitely not the only artificial air source that can visibly dry out your skin. Air conditioners make the air cold and dry by sucking the moisture and humidity out. This will lead to dry-looking skin, even in the summer. If you can’t avoid them — like at the office — just make sure to keep your skin moisturized before and after coming into contact with them.


Embrace Face Masks

Face masks and moisturizers are useful for adding moisture to the skin’s surface, but have you ever tried incorporating a hydrating facial mist into your daily routine? Many people think of facial mists as an unnecessary skin-care buy, but they can breathe new life into dry-looking skin. Mists are a refreshing pick-me-up to awaken the appearance of lackluster skin, whether at the office or at the beach.

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