Summer Skincare Tips For Oily Skin

Just as winter bids us goodbye for the year and the warm breezes of summer start blowing, people get ready to get out and enjoy the sun in beaches and parks. But for many of us blessed with oily skin, it almost seems like the end of pimple and acne free days, as we reach for our blotting sheets, sun tan removal cream, cleansers, and cooling gels to keep the sebaceous glands under control. When you get sad because your oily and combination skin needs a lot of extra care and attention just remember the bright side: it ages much slower than dry and normal skin, which means that you will start to notice wrinkles much, much later.

Here are some tips to keep your oily skin glowy and healthy during the summer months:


Do not over-wash your face

One thing you always want to avoid is over-washing, which strips the skin and can actually cause irritation and overproduction of excess oil. Using gentle cleansers that don’t over-dry the skin is critical for it to maintain a natural moisture balance, and hence, a healthier skin barrier. Pick a cleanser that suits you, but make sure that is gentle to your skin.


Patting your face during the day will help with the oiliness

Blotting sheets are great to keep handy throughout the day, because they can absorb any extra oil produced without disrupting makeup. This way you’re removing oil, but not adding tones of extra, pore-blocking makeup. 

Keep in mind that oil doesn’t cause oil

There is a great misconception that certain skin care ingredients like oil will cause acne and promote oil-production. The truth is the complete opposite.

Over-drying and over-stimulating the skin with a washcloth or using overusing your rotating cleansing brush can strip the skin of its natural oils—causing the skin to compensate by producing more sebum. So, do not be afraid of hydrating oils that are good for your skin. After every cleansing or exfoliating you should be adding moisture back into your skin.


Exfoliating is particularly important for people who have oily skin, because exfoliation helps keeps your pores clear, and clogged pores mixed with dirt, sebum and bacteria is what can lead to blemishes and breakouts.

However, exfoliation should only happen once or twice a week, or you may irritate the new, freshly revealed skin.

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